Ready to turn your business into a self-opearting unit?

Here’s The Small Print

What's a self-operating unit?

A self-operating unit runs like a machine with minimal to no supervision. Everyone knows exactly what they are working on, things are predictable, there are no fires to put off, there are no bottlenecks.

Hiring people will take off work from my plate.

Yes, hiring people will take off work from your plate ‘if done correctly’. You need to have the right processes, right tools, and a training structure so that these new hires can do their work effectively. 

Getting SOPs will help you grow.

Yes, they will. Standardization is the most effective strategy to scale. However, creating SOPs is not a one-off thing. It’s an ongoing process and hence every one in the company needs to be trained on how to create/update SOPs. Another important thing to note is that SOPs are only guidelines, these are eventually followed by people. The company culture decides how effective will the team be in following these SOPs.

Getting a Project Management Tool will make you organized.

100%. For a remote business, having a centralized tool is no less than a sacred place. However, this centralized tool needs to be setup in a way that’s the most effective for your business. If not setup properly, it’s another addition to the existing mess. The team members needs to be trained to follow processes so that it remain organized after a few months as well. Imagine having a 35 members in ClickUp and 35 different ways of doing things. (Does that sound standardized?)

Anyone can do it. It's all on the internet.

1000%. Where do you think we learned it from?! Thousands of hours spent on YouTube videos, reading books, completing courses, and another few thousands hours spent on client projects, here we are, running a business where we do this for others.

What is this gibberish? I just want to automate.

Get Set Grow provides digital tools, solutions, and best practices that facilitate seamless communication, collaboration, and project management. By implementing these technologies, your teams can work cohesively, share updates efficiently, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

See a good thing?

What If You Had?


Efficiently assign and prioritize tasks to team members based on deadlines, dependencies, and strategic objectives.


Enhance collaboration & communication with clients through automated updates & streamlined processes.


Enable and equip teams with the necessary tools, resources, and autonomy to make informed decisions.

Before You Ask

This is what I can help you with.

Three things: Processes, Technology, and Teams. I help you with streamlining your processes, helping you get the right tools to run those processes efficiently or optimize your existing tools, but the ultimate goal is to empower you and your team to do all of these things by yourself. We train you to optimize your own processes, optimize your teams, and build a culture of continuous improvement.

This is how I work.

Initial calls to understand your business, identify what is working for you, and more importantly, what’s not working for you. More calls to streamline your processes. Setting up your tools to fit your business needs. Demoing the new architecture to you. 

This is who I work with.

Yes, Get Set Grow helps you set up key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, and data analytics tools. This allows you to gain valuable insights into your business’s performance, track progress, and make informed decisions.

This is how much I charge.

Yes, our commitment goes beyond implementation. Get Set Grow offers ongoing support, training, and continuous optimization to ensure that your business continues to thrive and adapt to evolving challenges.

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