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"Khush has exceeded our expectations in every area. He's responsive, professional, and understands how to problem solve to provide tangible solutions to our clients. When issues/complexities arise, he are prompt to bring them up and find resolution. It's been 8 months of working with Unify Workflows and we will continue to work with them for the long-term future."

– Mitchell Moeller, Zizania Consulting, USA

"Unify Workflows have saved my sanity! they provided expert advice and implementation of back-end systems for my business to simplify the customer journey. Now, instead of I having to remember to manually send out emails to my clients to schedule appointments or pay invoices, the whole process is automated. They not only systematised and coded the process."

– Erin BUttermore, Strategy & Culture, Australia

"Khush was absolutely AMAZING! Easy to work with, takes directions and gives professionals opinions where required. He's will work on something until we get it right. Definitely will bring him on for a longer term project when the need is there. Great experience.

– Bena Lang, USA

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