Module 1.2 Should You Improve A Process?

If you feel the resources you have are being wasted, then you should definitely improve your processes.

Before we find out if the resources are being wasted, let’s understand what is waste. Waste is if your resources are consumed by inefficienct or non-essential activities, or creating an output that has no market value. There are 8 types of waste that can be found from processes. Let’s find out what they are and if you have any of those kinds of waste within your company:

1. Underutilization of employee skills:

People bring a diverse set of skills to the table. Those skills should be acknowledged and utilized rather than pigeonholing them into specific responsibilities.

    1. Not having brainstorming or creative thinking sessions with the team to solve a particular problem. 
    2. Not allowing open feedback. Read more how a shy salesperson created a document bringing in $1M worth of additional sales because he was allowed to openly communicate.

2. Waiting:

Resoruces are wasted when any process or activity is waiting to begin while another finishes.

    1. Waiting for approval
    2. Waiting for information from people
    3. Waiting for clarification or correction of work

3. Unnecessary Motion:

Resources are wasted when you have to move here and there to do your job.

    1. Context Switching. Learn more about the effects of context switching on productivity and focus.
    2. Finding information. Do you know how much time is wasted in finding the right information? Read about the impact of not finding the right information on:
      1. Sales Department
      2. Support Department

4. Transportation:

Moving things that adds no value to a process.

    1. Multiple approval steps
    2. Sending excessive emails or email attachments
    3. Cc’ing people who don’t need that information

5. Overprocessing:

Complicated processes when simpler processes would work just as well

    1. Entering data into multiple systems

6. Excessive Inventory:

Resources are wasted by costs of storage or maintenance.

    1. Unread emails

7. Defects:

Rejects and rework

    1. Data errors
    2. Invoice errors
    3. Any error that is passed downstream only to be returned

8. Overproduction

Do you find any of these wastes within your company? If yes, improving the processes could be for you. If not, ___